Husband Hunting 101


Husband Hunting 101

Book 1 of the Looking for Love Series

Husband Hunting 101

Avoid commitaphobics!

That is Jenna Barrett’s number one rule in her search for a husband. So why is she so attracted to the sexy advertising executive she’s hired to design a new ad campaign for her lingerie store?

Zachary West knows all the ploys women use to trap a man into marriage and he is not falling for any of them. Worse, Jenna Barrett has made no bones about the fact that she’s on a full-fledge husband hunt – she’s taking a class called How To Get Married Within a Year!

Sure, he can’t seem to stop fantasizing about the sexy redhead modeling the sheer teddies she sells.

But when images of the beguiling woman in a wedding gown and a long white veil taunt him, he knows he’s in big trouble!

Will he be able to overcome his panic attacks at the mention of the M word, or will Jenna have to continue her husband hunt – without him.

Looking for Love


Looking for Love

Box Set

Looking for Love

A boxed set of three of Rita’s romantic comedies:

3 single women looking for love – but are they looking in all the wrong places?

HUSBAND HUNTING 101 – a woman takes a class to find a husband and is suddenly attracted to a commitaphobic advertising executive she just hired to create a new ad for her sexy lingerie store!

HERE COMES THE BRIDE – a twin switch leaves Marci Turner playing fake fiancé to a sexy man at his best friend’s wedding. But his parents decide to throw them an impromptu wedding and the fireworks begin!

UNDER THE COVERS – a marriage therapist hires an actor to play her husband for publicity purposes when her husband leaves her for a man!