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Her Eyewitness

Her Eyewitness

Her alibi…
Blinded in the line of duty, police officer Collin Cash received a transplant to regain his eyesight—and woke to a vision of murder. He alone knew that the beautiful woman accused of the crime was innocent—but who would believe he was an eyewitness?

And Lover?

Sydney Green had never met this man who knew more about her than a stranger should. But one look in his bedroom eyes, and she knew just where she wanted him. With a killer stalking her, Sydney had to accept Collin’s protection. His secrets would save her—if only she could resist the heat simmering in his strangely familiar eyes…

With an innovative plot line, Rita Herron will grab your attention in Her Eyewitness, but she takes a few too many roads to reach the conclusion. ~ Debbie Richardson, Romantic Times