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The Bachelor Pact
Love Me, Lucy

A stalker is after Lucy…Lucy’s lover is after Lucy but

All Lucy Lane wants for Christmas is to spend it with her family and the man she loves – Reid Summers. And truth be told, she wouldn’t mind a marriage proposal…

But Lucy has a stalker and must get out of town fast. Not
wanting to endanger Reid, she fibs and tells him she’s
auditioning for a movie in L.A.

Instead, she hides out in a senior’s resort in South Florida!

Reid Summers vowed to keep his bachelor pact intact …until he met Lucy. Maybe for Christmas, he’ll overcome his marriage phobia though, and ask her to move in with him. That’s
commitment– right?

Then he discovers that Lucy lied to him and fears she’s run off with another man.

Determined to find her, he sneaks into her apartment, but is
arrested for being her stalker!

Reid didn’t know Lucy had a stalker, but the thought of her in danger, or in another man’s arms, drives him crazy.

He will do anything to find her and protect her.

But will he put a ring on her finger?

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