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Hostage at Hawk's Landing

Hostage at Hawk’s Landing

Danger brought them together. Will the truth tear them apart? Desperate to learn what caused his estranged father’s death, Dexter Hawk finds himself drawn to a woman from his past. Melissa Gentry lost her family years ago. Now a shoot-out…

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Hideaway at Hawk’s Landing

Her baby has been abducted And Brayden Hawk is her best chance at getting the child back After her baby girl is kidnapped, Dr. Mila Manchester must turn to the one man who can help bring her home: Texas cowboy…

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Safe at Hawk's Landing

Safe at Hawk’s Landing

She’s sworn to protect her students—he’s sworn to protect her Charlotte Reacher found her calling teaching art therapy to teens. But when her attempt to stop a kidnapping leaves her wounded and unable to see anything beyond trauma and fear,…

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Redemption at Hawk’s Landing

A missing sister, a murdered father and a dangerous reunion years in the making. The last place Honey Granger wants to be is Tumbleweed, Texas—the judgmental town that made her childhood a living hell. But when Sheriff Harrison Hawk informs…

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