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The Bachelor Pact
Marry Me, Maddie

Maddie Summers is tired of waiting. To force her fiancé into making a decision, she takes him on a talk show and gives him a choice: Marry me, Or Move On.

The fumbling line he gives her makes her realize it’s time to kick him to the curb and get on with her life – and her search for a man.

But Maddie’s two overprotective brothers are terrified of Maddie being footloose and fancy free – and available. Desperate, they coerce their best friend Chase Holloway, who is like a brother to them and to Maddie, to protect their little sister.

Chase is the only man they trust, the only man who can keep Maddie from jumping into bed with a stranger.

Only babysitting Maddie becomes impossible when Chase suddenly realizes that little Maddie is not the knock-kneed kid sister he’d grown up with, but a knockout lady! A sexy one he can’t resist climbing in bed with himself.

But Chase must keep their romantic entanglement – and their secret trysts in the closet — from Maddie’s brothers or they’ll kill him.

Still, when the competition for her hand heats up, Chase must risk destroying his friendship with Maddie’s brothers by admitting his real feelings toward her, or risk losing Maddie forever…

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