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Under the Covers

Book 3 of the Looking for Love Series

Under the Covers

Marriage counselor Abigail Jensen believes whole-heartedly in the sanctity of marriage, so much that she’s written a book on the subject. But just as her book hits big raising her to celebrity status, she discovers her husband has left her.

And not for another woman – for a man!

Meanwhile, fans have dubbed her the Dear Abby of the bedroom and her publicist is demanding a publicity tour. Against her better judgment, she lets her sister hire an actor to play her husband.

Worse, her new spouse is drop-dead gorgeous and with him, she experiences the titillating touches and mind-boggling orgasms she’d only written about before.

Trouble is, she has no idea that her fake husband Hunter Stone is not an actor, but an undercover reporter out to get a story, expose her secrets – and destroy her career!

Caught up in a tangle of lies, will Abby and Hunter find true love…

An engaging story that is both humorous and poignant. ~ Romantic Times, Reviewer: Jill Smith
“Rita Herron’s lovable, laughable style…will keep the reader in stitches.” ~ C. Penn, WordWeaving

“Get set for an entertaining read with a lively set of characters.” ~ Scribes World Reviews