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On Writing

Since I’m starting a new romantic suspense book – and new series – I decided to blog about the process and writing as I go.

  • Series title — GRAVEYARD FALLS

Day one – reviewed notes of the synopsis and proposal I wrote to sell the idea.

I have a blueprint – now what?

Now the fun begins. I love the rough draft stage, but my head sometimes goes all over the place.

A gorgeous day in Georgia so I took a walk to think (plotting murder on a nice sunny day in my suburban neighborhood. And no one knows the dark thoughts running through my head! I feel so wicked and decadent.)

A dozen voices and characters in my head – this is the exciting part, but also I feel a little crazy. Raced home to write it all down.

Epiphany about the backstory which is making me want to write a prequel short story. Have to run that by my editor.

But love it when the ideas start flowing!

More to come!

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