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Mindless with desire, tormented by evil…

Quinton Valtrez’s demonic powers tempt him toward the dark side, but he’s learned to channel them for good by working for national security. But a sinister force is stalking the South, one that he senses may be part of his own dark legacy. And he will do anything to destroy it…
Anything but succumb to the seductive reporter out to expose him.

Reporter Annabelle Armstrong is tough, independent and determined to unravel the real story behind Quinton Valtrez. For she suspects he is a cold-blooded assassin working for the government.

But nothing prepares her for the raw hunger his touch evokes – or the fact that he is part demon.

Quinton has never experienced such mindless dark hunger for a woman – but how could Annabelle possibly love a demon?

Then the killer targets Annabelle, and Quinton will risk everything – his life, his heart, even exposure – to save her.

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