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A man fighting for his soul – a woman fighting for her life –

A demon who will do anything to destroy them…

Sheriff Dante Valtrez was separated from his brothers as a child for one reason – because together they have the power to do great good – or extraordinary evil.

But now a diabolical serial killer is sadistically murdering women, leaving trophies of his kills on Dr. Marlena Bender’s doorsteps, and he is forced to draw upon his dark powers to find the killer.

Spurned by her family’s murder, Dr. Marlena Bender has climbed inside the minds of the worst kind of violent criminals. But now a crazed killer has targeted her, there is only one man who can protect her — Dante Valtrez.

Passion burns hot between them, but Marlena must guard her heart for she quickly realizes that Dante has evil in his blood.

And that the very demon after her is the ultimate enemy – Dante’s father Satan.

Then Marlena is trapped, and Dante is crazed with worry. Marlena is the only woman he’s ever loved, the only one that can redeem his soul with goodness.

Will he join forces with his brothers to slay their father, or will he make a deal with the devil to save her?

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