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Lunchtime Reads

Sometimes you just don’t have time to read an entire book. So I wanted to share a special website that I’ve joined which features short stories, perfect for a quick read on your coffee break or lunch time. Or before you go to bed when you don’t want to start a full-length novel!

One of my stories is on the site, but there are also short stories from some of my favorite authors.
to find the list and links to each of their stories! I’m also including links to the author’s blogspots in case you want to stop by and read more about the author and her work!

Mimi Barbour –

Dorothy McFalls –

Patricia Mason –

Lorhainne Eckhart – &

Ruth Glick –

Dana Marton –

Mona Risk –

Stephanie Bond –

Taylor Lee –

Rita Herron –

Charlotte Abel –

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