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One Night To Kill

Summer is Here

Summer is here – time for vacations and kicking back with a good book! Speaking of books -- I have some new releases to share: WORTH DYING FOR, the third novel in my Slaughter Creek series, is out now and…

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Dying To Tell

Thanks to My Readers

  • February 28, 2013

First of all, thanks to all my readers for your wonderful support! This year started with a bang with the release of DYING TO TELL, the first book in my Slaughter Creek series. Just this last week it hit #…

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Rita Herron

Catching Up

Hi, everyone! This year has flown! In between welcoming a new grandson and granddaughter into the world, I’ve had my head buried in my computer! Yes, BURIED! But that means new books so here’s what I have coming for you:…

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